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Why do I blog? I really enjoy reading other food blogs and thought it would be fun to do. I'm glad I started. Now, I have an easy way to find past recipes my family wants me to remake. The other part about blogging is that it's like a journal about my life. I can read it and remember about what happened like a snapshot into my day. It is a great way to interact with others. Also, when my oldest wants a recipe I've already made then she knows where to find it.

More about me...........
 Long, long time ago, I was a still photographer in the AF. I did not take photos of food. I did cook back then but I never even thought about taking a photo of it. I did practice a lot on my oldest daughter who was just a baby then. I did take a lot of photos of ceremonies. Come to think about it, I didn't take a lot of close up photos of anything besides my daughter. I liked being a photographer but when I decided to leave, I had to turn in all my wonderful equipment.

     I am currently an accountant which is the total opposite of creativity. Now, my family has expanded. I have two daughters, one son, and a step son. I still cook for them almost everyday. If I have a party, there is always plenty of food and everyone tells me they like it. (They do keep coming back so I guess it may be true or they just like my company?)

     Since I kept checking out great recipes on other blogs, my husband said I should go out and get a decent camera. I did not purchase anything expensive and it is a Nikon. I love Nikon. I have not purchased any digital software so I am just posting right from my camera. If the color is off, you don't have to adjust your monitor. If the photo is warm, I probably took it early morning or on a bright day. If the photo appears cool, it probably was a cloudy day since I try to use natural sunlight. So, please don't judge too hard plus I have to work at the food prep part. It will improve over time.

      The best thing about blogging is that I am able to combine three things I love to do: cook, photograph, and write. Also, I can feel a little more creative. If you see too many photos of my family, well you can tell they are the most important thing to me. Since I make the food to my families likes, I sure hope you enjoy the recipes. I will only post recipes we liked. I hope your family enjoys the recipes too. 

Please feel free to leave a constructive or positive comment. If there is a recipe you would like us to try, please send us an email at sweetmorris@ymail.com.       


I try to add a little information at the end of each blog for entertainment. The information is either directly from the companies website paraphrased or can easily be found online from at least two different sources. I only paraphrase the information that is easily available online.

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  1. Hi Jen,
    as I left to teach a yoga class this evening I saw the UPS truck coming up my street -I was looking for a couple of Christmas presents to be delivered but was really hoping for cookies! When I returned home much to my surprise was a box from you full of delicious cookies. The first I've received from the cookie swap. Thank you! Merry Christmas! I'll stop by again soon to see what you're cooking!