Friday, April 4, 2014

Egg Cupcakes

My sister brought me over a carton of eggs. These aren't ordinary eggs. These eggs are cupcakes. Aren't they so cute! My sister made them for her daughter's class for April Fool's Day and she made us a carton too. My husband couldn't wait to crack into them. So, he handed me the carton with the expiration date facing me. I didn't realize he was trying to trick me. I told him that if the eggs were old then he should just throw them out. He told me that I should take them and I said alright. Before I could throw them away, he told me that my sister had brought the eggs over to me. Since I had already talked to my sister, I knew they were cupcakes. He wasn't going to trick me. My husband had thought I would open them and ask why my sister would give me broken hard boiled eggs. I know my sister doesn't like hard boiled eggs and she would not have boiled the eggs just to bring them to me. He has been trying all week to try to trick me. I guess it must mean that it's April Fool's week? Month? Don't worry I've already gotten him once on April Fool's Day and he is just trying to get me back. I will have to think up of a couple more tricks to play on him now.
Egg Cupcakes
12 miniature white frosted vanilla cupcakes
2 cups white candy melts
1/4 cup lemon curd
2 drops of yellow food dye

  1. In the microwave, melt the white candy melt. Stir often.
  2. Pour the melted candy melts into plastic Easter eggs. Fill some eggs with a lot of candy melts so it looks like a whole egg and some lightly coated for some cracked eggs.
  3. Refrigerate the plastic eggs until the candy melts harde.
  4. Carefully, squeeze the sides of the eggs to remove the candy melt egg molds.
  5. Top the egg molds on top of the cupcakes. 
Recipe adapted from What's New Cupcake? cookbook by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. 

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Did you already know..........................
-Eggs should be used within three weeks of purchase.
-After cooking, hard boiled eggs should be eaten within a week. (Candy ones won't even last that long.)
-Frozen, shelled eggs should be used within a year.

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