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Monday, September 15, 2014

FYI: Tomatillos

Sometimes I am intimated by new foods. How do you know it is ripe? Do you peel it or keep the skin on? Well, I've seen recipes for tomatillos but I have skipped them. The recipes said to husk them. When I think of husking, I'm thinking corn. Tomatillos look nothing like corn. At the farm, they educated me about tomatillos. I explained it to my sister since she picks up a share too. Then I figured maybe more people are like me and just need a little more information. 
 Ripe: When the paper thin coating is peeling, then the tomatillos is ripe. It is nice since you can see the fruit inside the wrapping. The fruit should be firm and bright green.
Prep: Peel off any paper thin coating and rinse. The fruit is sticky. I noticed the fruit was less sticky where the paper thin coating (husk) had peeled up. The paper thin coating is not edible.
Tomatillos can be eaten raw or cooked.They are very tart. They can be stored on the counter but will last longer if they are refrigerated. The fruit can be frozen. The inside of the tomatillos reminded me of a fig. It does not taste anything like a fig.