Monday, October 3, 2011

Easy Burger

If I ask my oldest daughter what she wants for supper, she will say hamburgers. She loves them. This past summer she went out west for three weeks. Yes, everyday she ate a hamburger. She said that she missed mine the best. Isn't she the best?

I have had several people ask me how I make my burgers. I've been asked several times what I add to it. I don't add anything. No butter. No seasonings. Nothing most of the time. Sometimes, I add cheese, bacon, or both to the inside of the burger. 

The best part of the burger is how you top it. To celebrate the Halloween month, I topped mine with some scary looking cheese.  Don't you celebrate Halloween for the whole month too?
Scary Cheese.......I should have used Muenster!

I guess it is about technique. 

My hamburger

1 1/5 lb. 85% ground hamburger (yes, only one ingredient).

1. Place hamburger on the counter for about 10 minutes. (Suggestions to do while you are
    waiting would be prepare a salad or a vegetable to go with your meal.)
2. Preheat your skillet on medium heat.
3. The package will make 4 burgers. I lightly press down on the meat so I know where to form.
4. Form your burger shape quickly. I do cheat here since I have a plastic burger former. This
    should take only 10 seconds.
5. I use my thumb and indent the center of the burger so it is a little thinner in the middle.
6. Place burgers in the hot skillet and do not touch.
7. At this time, I will prep my cheese for the burgers and complete other parts of the meal.
8. After about five minutes, I will look at the burgers. If juices have formed on the top of the burger, I will flip it. Now if I can not easily put my spatula under the burger, I will wait a few more minutes. I then continue making the rest of the meal. Now is the time to saute any toppings you desire but in a different skillet.
9. After about another five minutes, I will flip the burgers again. At this point, top the burgers with cheese if desired. Wait about 1 to 2 minutes and turn off the stove. The burgers are done.

Remember, you flip the burgers only three times while they are cooking. I hope you like them too! I must pronounce the word spatula with an accent since I first spelled it "spacula". I guess it rhymed with Dracula. Good thing my husband can spell.
Happy Halloween!

Did you already know.........
-Henry John Heinz created his famous Heinz tomato Ketchup over 125 years ago. 
-The Heinz ketchup is a strictly guarded recipe that has remained almost unchanged for over 100 years. 
-The H. J. Heinz Company sells 650 million bottles of its Ketchup annually.

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  1. I want these at least once a week they are so good!