Monday, May 27, 2013

Star Cake

When I was a kid, my Dad would make this wonderful sitting bear cake. He would use the star tip for the frosting. We all thought it would be great. I have used the star tip occasionally but not on the whole cake. I thought the star tip would be appropriate to use for this cake. My daughter Allie helped me decorate it. We took turns. I would pipe the white and she would pipe the blue. 

Red, White, and Blue Star Cake
One cooked rectangle cake
Red, white, and blue frosting

  1. Lightly trace a star design onto the top of the cake. (Either free hand, use a template, or a ruler.)
  2. Once the desired pattern is traced on the top of the cake, cut the pattern out. Be carefully but if you make a mistake use frosting to fill in the error.
  3. Lightly cover the cake with a base coat of white frosting.
  4. Pipe the sides with the white frosting using the star tip.
  5. Border the side of the cake with the white frosting.
  6. Pipe the blue frosting onto the cake on each triangle of the cake.
  7. In the middle of the cake, alternate between the red and white frosting.
  8. Pipe 3 white stars in the middle of each triangle.
Cake created by Jen of Sweet Morris.

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Did you already know...................
-Memorial Day once was known as Decoration Day.
-Memorial Day is honor those who have died serving our nation.
-In 1967, President Johnson legally named Memorial Day a national holiday.

Please have a safe Memorial Day!

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