Friday, August 28, 2015


When we first moved to the Charlotte area, we were told this is Nascar country. Well, the Nascar Hall of Fame is located in Charlotte. So, we decided we should check it out. We thought it would be something fun to do with the kids. Are we Nascar fans? No. Do we ever watch it? No. Did we like the museum? Yes. The kids especially liked the simulator. After watching our daughter crash several times and take out several other cars during her simulator ride, we believe it is best for her to wait awhile for her license. Our son placed third in the simulator ride. So, he will have to wait for his license too since he likes speed and is good at it.
The outside of the Nascar Hall of Fame shaped like a track.
The museum has a chronological display of cars from the past to the present.
Do you know who's car this is? If you guessed Richard Petty, then you are a Nascar fan.
This is my favorite photo for the day. My daughter took it. Besides the cars, the museum has displays about many of the drivers, trophies, and other items. There is a simulator and a short film.

Did you already know....................
-The beginnings of Nascar began with the bootleggers building fast cars to outrun the police.
-Nascar was formed because  William "Bill" France Sr. noticed how the rules varied depending on the event so he formed a committee. 
-In 1949, the Charlotte Speedway held the first Nascar Strictly Stock race.

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