Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ferb Sandwich

My son does not like to bring his lunch to school. I have tried several different things to get him to bring it but he still wanted to buy it. I am trying to have him bring his lunch at least once a week. I saw this sandwich and I figured I would try it. This is my first attempt at making a Bento type lunch. I will need a lot more practice.
 I have made him Star War Sandwiches with cookie cutters and other designs but he was not impressed. The Ferb sandwich must have worked because he told me that he will bring his lunch tomorrow. He even asked if I thought I could do Phineas.
Ferb Sandwich 1 heel of a loaf of bread
2 piece of bread
2 slice of cheese
1 slice of turkey 
Mayonnaise for taste and glue
specks of pepper for the eyes

With a rolling pin, roll out the heel of bread flat.
Cut out the hair of Ferb either free hand it (like I did) or using a photo.
Using a small circular object (I used the back of a piping tip for frosting) and cut out two eyes.
Either free hand it (I make things difficult) or using a photo, cut out the shape of Ferb.
Repeat with the other slice bread.
Spread the mayonnaise on the bread and place a piece of cheese onto the sandwich then top with the slices of turkey. Place the top piece of the Ferb piece on top.
Use the mayonnaise to glue Ferb's hair and eyes onto the sandwich.
Add the specks of pepper to the center of the cheese eyes.
Cut out additional shapes with the remaining cheese.
Serve with fruit, crackers, or vegetables.

Recipe adapted from the talented Susan Yuen. Please check out her blog or her books. It is amazing.
My daughter was happy with her star sandwich.
Did you already know.........
-A Bento is a Japanese packed meal normally assembled at home.
-Bento meals are sold in Bento shops, train stations, or other stores in Japan.
-Bento means convenience which is a meal in a single serving container.
My husband asked if the sandwich would be enough. I think he brought plenty to school today for snack and lunch. He also brought an orange, strawberries, and apple sauce with his gold fish. I used a frozen juice box to keep the sandwich cold which took up the other half of his lunch box.

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