Thursday, March 8, 2012

Agent P sandwich

My son never complains about school. Yes, he is in elementary school but he still has nothing negative to say until recently. He came home upset because his class was late to lunch. My son does like to eat. So, I asked him if lunch was his favorite part of his school day. He surprised me by saying no. I asked him what was his favorite part of school. He told me it was snack followed by recess. I should have guess.
Since my the scheduled school lunch was hot dogs, I had to make his lunch. My husband has a choking phobia so any hot dogs are out of the question. I was attempting to make Agent P from Phineas and Ferb. I made this before for the kids on an English muffin and it looked better. My son liked it. His teacher even told him at lunch that she noticed how healthy his lunch looked. Good thing, she didn't see what he had for breakfast just kidding. I meant good thing she didn't see his sister's lunch. 
I really need to start making these kind of lunches for myself. I think it would be cooler. I could give you step by step directions on how to make Agent P but Susan Yuen has great instructions. I really need to start trying to make bento box lunches. They just look cool.
Did you already know.......
-Agent P is actually Perry the Platypus.
-Perry the Platypus is the pet of Phineas and Ferb.
-Perry also is a secret agent for O.W.A.C.
-O.W.C.A. stands for Organization Without a Cool Acronym.

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