Monday, August 4, 2014

Travel: The first weekend of August

Alright, I know I've been slacking on my posts but I've been spending some quality time with the family. Every weekend our goal is to do something new. Since we are having such a great time, I would like to share some of the places we've been. This weekend we headed to the White Mountains. We went to Diana's Baths. It was beautiful and fun. The kids liked going into the pools of mountain water. I thought the water would be warmer than the Maine ocean water but I was wrong. My kids are true Mainers so they are immune to such coldness.
To get to Diana's Baths, we had to walk for slightly over half a mile. The walk is pretty easy. I saw people pushing strollers into the park. There is a wooden bridge the kids loved walking over. We told them to be careful of the trolls but it didn't make them any less quiet. When we were close, we could hear the rushing water. There are several levels which we had to climb up but each level had pools of water. We talked the kids into going near the falls. 
If you want to see some small water falls and bath in some pools of mountain water, this is the place to go. Just remember, the water is cold.
I guess it's time for a hair cut!
We didn't have to pay to enter Diana's Baths but we did pick to pay for the closer parking which
only cost $3.00. 
There are the giant granite boulders which are common in New England. The giant rocks are one of the best things I love about New England. My sister and I would climb them when we were young. As an adult, I tend to go around them most of the time. What a great day!
Did you already know..................
-Diana's Baths are located in the White Mountains National Forest.
-Lucy Brook is the water source for Diana's Baths.
-In the Spring, the water falls will be at their peak due to the melting snow from Big Attitash Mountain.

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