Friday, August 14, 2015

Tiger World

Since it is Summer time again, we have been spending time as a family. Every Friday, we have been trying to do something new. One of first trips was to check out Tiger World. My son recommended this trip. I didn't show a lot of tiger photos since I would be showing a lot of protective fence. We had an entertaining monkey which my husband seemed to carry on an enthusiastic conversation. The monkey was pretty entertaining. Since it was mid day, the majority of the tigers were resting. There were a few other animals to see like emu and wolves. Also, there were plenty of birds walking around viewing the different animals habitats too.
My family graciously allowing me to take their photo. This statute is at the entrance of the park.
One of the many peacocks. This peacock decided he had enough of a conversation with my husband and had to be on his way.
When my husband offered him food, they became friends again.
A white loin greeted us. The kids really liked this exhibit. We stayed here awhile and visited. He allowed this kids to take lots of photos of him. He even put his forehead on the glass so my son took a photo.

There were swans, ducks, and turtles in the pond. It was a pretty cool day. The kids feed many ducks. We saw a white lion and a black swan. It was a very nice family day. 

Did you already know...............................
-White lions are not albinos.
-Due to the recessive gene, two tawny parents can give birth to a white lion.
- In 1938, the earliest recording of a white lion in the Timbavati region.

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