Monday, July 8, 2013

Monkey Tree Cake

My oldest daughter volunteered to make a cake for her friend which would have monkeys on it. My oldest daughter doesn't bake so this translated for me to help her. Now, I enjoy making cupcakes but I only make cakes for special occasions. I have never taken a cake decorating class. I really am not confident in making cakes. I agreed to help her but she had to bake the cakes. This was the first time I worked with fondant and it was fun. What do you think? Would you be happy to have a monkey tree cake?
Monkey Tree Cake
3 rectangle cakes
1 box of fondant
3 servings of this frosting

  1. Take one rectangle cake and shape a slight curve in it. Round off the corners to make the trunk of the cake.
  2. Take the two other rectangle cakes and shape into leaves. (I make a stencil out of paper so each leaf was similar in size.)
  3. The remaining pieces of cake need to be placed at the top of the tree.
  4. Place the leaf shape pieces shapes apart on top of the pieces of cake.
  5. Take the frosting and half it.
  6. Color half of the frosting green and the other half brown.
  7. Take one cup of the brown frosting and add a little more brown with a drop of black to make a darker shade of brown. Set aside.
  8. Frost the leaves and extra pieces of cake green for the foliage.
  9. Frost the trunk of the cake brown.
  10. Add a little of the darker brown in different areas of the trunk and frost only in up and down strokes. 
  11. With the fondant, die pieces brown, yellow, green, and a small amount black.
  12. Shape the monkeys with the brown fondant and add two pieces of the black fondant in the shape of balls for the eyes.
  13. Shape the yellow pieces into bananas. Mix a tiny bit of yellow with brown fondant then add to the top of the bananas for the area the bananas are attached to each other.
  14. Shape the green pieces into long strips and line the leaves for texture.
  15. Any remaining green pieces shape into leaves.
  16. Add the monkeys, leaves, and bananas throughout the tree.
Monkey Tree Cake created by Allie and Jen of Sweet Morris.

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Did you already know...........
-Monkeys are classified either by Old World (Africa and Asia) and New World (Americas).
-In 1949, Albert II became the first monkey to fly in space.
-Most monkeys do have a tail.

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