Monday, January 11, 2016

Hello for a Monday

So, are you continuing to follow your New Years Resolutions? So far, I'm still becoming more organized. It is going slow. It is great that my husband has been helping. Keeping a menu plan is not always easy but we did better this week. I even ate leftovers for lunch. This is our menu plan for the week:
Sunday: Buffalo Chicken (I made it.)
Monday:  Soup (My husband made tomato soup from a can.)
Tuesday: Chicken Bake (My husband made it.)
Wednesday: Taco Dish (We purchased sandwiches to go.)
Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner (My husband made eggs of choice.)
Friday: Chicken Dish (My husband made his Taco Dish instead.)
Saturday: Stuffed Pepper Soup (I made it.)

I think our three biggest obstacles about menu planning are:
  1. During the week, we are tired and just don't feel like cooking.
  2. We change our minds especially the kids. We don't want soup again.
  3. I will notice another dish that I would rather make than the one I have planned which is really no big deal since we didn't purchase the groceries yet.

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